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Due to the confidential nature of my work as Coach, I am unable to list related clients.

Feel free to contact me and book an "Empowerhour" session focused on designing your ideal life.


I have worked with the following brands as a Creative Consultant, Ambassador and/or Producer/Director.

Feel free to contact me and book a "Development" or "Fine Tuning" session focused on vision, goals and strategy.



"Giada is made of the stuff that real trail blaizers possess...she is skillful, artistic and creatively "thinks on her feet",..there is not much more one could ask for in this life than to be blessed with working with these types of combinations!" David Sye/Yogabeats

​"Giada is immensely professional and has a fantastic eye for detail, taking care over her work and producing great results. She is an excellent and highly effective communicator, talented and creative, and is conscientious in her dealings with others.”- Tilla Crowne/Artist​

“Giada is a highly skilled Life Coach bringing both a pragmatic and sensitive approach, helping fulfill ones professional goals as well helping to clarify business projects. She has a keen ear which homes in on the necessary details and is well trained in providing comprehensive support, advice and practical tips to further ones professional and personal health and wealth.”- Nicola Cher Geismar/NCG




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